Ongoing studies

The aim of the PRODEMOS project is to make an evidence-based dementia prevention strategy using mobile Health accessible to those at increased risk of dementia who are usually not reached by preventive medicine.

The ultimate goal is to implement this flexible fully adaptable mHealth platform in a culturally appropriate form in a range of health care settings across the globe.

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In the HEART-GP study we aim to improve the diagnostic work-up of acute chest pain in urgent primary care using a combination of troponin fingerstick tests and clinical risk scores.

Our final goal is to develop a diagnostic strategy for rapid rule out of acute coronary syndrome targeted specifically for primary care populations. 

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In PATCH-AF we randomise primary care practices in the Amsterdam region to an intervention of risk-stratified intensive screening for atrial fibrillation (AFib) versus routine care.

Our aim is to evaluate whether we can find more AFib with a personalized screening approach versus routine care in a well-organized primary health care setting.

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Telephone triage is fully integrated in Dutch out-of-hours primary care. The TRACE study evaluates the performance of the current triage protocol for acute chest pain at a large, out-of-hours primary care facility in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

The aim of the study is to uncover possible entries for improving triage of chest pain, with special attention for the use of clinical decision rules. 

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The Amsterdam Heart Project involves big data research on the early detection of common cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation in the community. For this purpose we rely on the data from the Academic General Practice Network of the Amsterdam UMC.

An example of published work:

TARGET-HF: developing a model for detecting incident heart failure among symptomatic patients in general practice using routine health care data - PubMed (


Since 2019, we have an ongoing collaboration with the Thrombosis Research Institute (London, UK) on innovative research related to oral anticoagulation in patients with atrial fibrillation.  

We collaborate with Tonje Rambøll Johannessen and her OUT-ACS group on research projects related to pre-hospital evaluation of acute chest pain. 

The DCVA is an umbrella organization in which we collaborate on projects related to heart failure, ischemic heart disease and cardiovascular prevention

Consortia in which we partake

The IMPRESS consortium involves a national collaborative knowledge platform with regards to sex- and gender sensitive cardiovascular medicine. Our group is involved in the sub-part that is related to cardiovascular medicine for women in primary care.

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The AFFECT-EU project is an EU-funded consortium including 25 partners from academia and industry. The main goal is the development of an atrial fibrillation screening algorithm for early AF detection in the community. 

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We know there are health differences among the residents of Amsterdam. But we don’t know what causes these differences. This knowledge is necessary to improve medical care and to be better able to tackle health problems. This is why we partner with the HELIUS health study, in which approximately 25.000 inhabitants of Amsterdam participate.

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