AmstelHeart is the cardiovascular research unit of the department of general practice at Amsterdam University Medical Centers in The Netherlands.


Our mission

We aim to enhance cardiovascular health in the community through innovative research, led by our physician scientists who bring a wealth of practical experience to our projects.

Our vision

At AmstelHeart we strive to become a leading cardiovascular research group that generates and shares meaningful evidence to enhance cardiovascular health in the community and primary care in particular. Our values of integrity, respect, curiosity, and teamwork guide our daily actions and decisions. 

Our research focus

We focus on developing decision aids for triage, diagnosis, and management of common cardiovascular diseases, such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure, and coronary heart disease. Additionally, we aim to improve cardiovascular risk prediction by incorporating diversity markers like ethnicity, as well as management to help improve brain-related outcomes, with specific interest in dementia.

The future is now

We provide a learning platform for junior researchers, bachelor's, and master's students to gain experience in community-oriented cardiovascular research. At AmstelHeart, we believe in blending one-on-one and group mentoring embedded in a low-key, supportive work environment. Many of our students progress to careers in primary care, often with an academic research focus.


Stay informed on research news regarding our research activities, collaborations and achievements.


FTO DOACs online

Ralf Harskamp heeft samen met CME-Online een nascholingsprogramma ontwikkeld over directwerkende orale anticoagulantia (DOACs) bij atriumfibrilleren. Dit programma is bedoeld voor huisartsen en apothekers om hun bekend te raken met de laatste stand van zaken rondom het veilig en effectief werken met DOACs bij deze veelvoorkomende hartritmestoornis. Meer weten? 

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HEART-GP expands to Noord-Limburg

The Noord-Limburg out-of-hours primary care service ("huisartsenpost") in Venlo has started participating in the HEART-GP study this weekend, and we're pleased to report that we've already included the first 10 patients!

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AMSTELHEART-1 presented at the ESC Congress

Excited to see the findings of our AMSTELHEART-1 study being presented at the #ESC2023! In this study we evaluated whether a smartphone app could be used to interpret ECGs in primary care.The study was also published and is freely available.Well done, Jelle Himmelreich!

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Presentation on incidental ECG findings during AF screening at the AFFECT-EU meeting

Leading up to this year's ESC Congress in Amsterdam, the AF Screen International Collaboration group provided us with the opportunity to present our ongoing research efforts related to the screening for atrial fibrillation in primary care at today's AFFECT-EU meeting. We illustrated the work that has been done in this field in the Netherlands, as well as the rationale of the ongoing PATCH-AF trial. Moreover, we illustrated the need for more study on the impact of incidental ECG findings (other than AF), and a call to action to harmonize the reporting (and work-up) of these findings in screening populations. 

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Strategic Aims of ESC and how we fit in

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) has just published their strategic plan 2023-2028 ahead of the annual ESC Congress.  This plans also illustrates six future scenarios that are also of relevance for our group.

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Acute chest pain in out-of-hours primary care

Out-of-hours primary care (OOH-PC) facilities act as a first point of contact in acute care in the Netherlands, including acute chest pain. Amy Manten and Ralf Harskamp from our group have worked together with academic GPs from across the Netherlands to write an educational papers for a national Dutch medical journal.

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PATCH-AF trial update

The PATCH-AF investigators have recently concluded their first interim-analysis after completion of the first screening round for atrial fibrillation. The trial has hit its enrolment target and in the intervention group we found a total of 4.1% newly-found AF. Further analyses will follow as the trial hits of for a second round of screening.

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ChatGPT as a clinical assistant

Lukas De Clercq was interviewed by Kristina Fiore from MedPage Today on our latest pre-publication on the performance of ChatGPT as a clinical assistent in cardiovascular medicine. 

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